How to Download and Instal Osu! Skin

Hey what's guys in this blog i'll be showing you guys how to instal skins and why you should use them let's start with what skins are skins basically something that changes the aesthetics of your game, you change your song selection menus mods and most importantly your in game look or do not necessary it is better to use skin.

As it can improve the gameplay and talk about the thief of skins the default skin isn't really a bad skin however it does have rather annoying hit sounds and to many unnecessary particles like the 300,150 and 50 the skin is also vibrant in color which could distract your game play keep in mind that this is personal preference and there's no stopping you from using the default skin here's a comparison of the default skin and the popular skin names of you again as you can see there's huge difference between the two skins.

The default skin is much more distracting than the you game skins let's get started on how to download the skin downloading a skin is very simple all you have to do is find a skin you like on this side which will have linked in the select the skin you like then click downloads once the is complete all you have to do is click the download file the should open up in osu! with the downloader skin selected.

If you want to change skins all you have to do is go to the options menu scroll down until you reach skin and selected can you want to change to another. Thanks you

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